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Administrative Appeals Tribunal

Migration and Refugee Division of the AAT

The Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) is an independent merits review body that can reconsider governments’ decisions and make new findings. The merits review the decision-maker steps into the shoes of the original decision-maker and consider the facts and law and makes a new decision.

The AAT has the power to:

  • Affirm the original decision;
  • Overturn the decision;
  • Substitute another decision;
  • or return the matter to the Department of Home Affairs for reconsideration.

If you are in Australia, you may apply for the review of the Department of Home Affairs’ decision. Your Australian sponsor, nominator or family member may apply for a merits review if you are overseas. A family of two or more who made a single visa application can make a single review application on behalf of all members by paying one application fee.

A strict time limit for the AAT application is applicable and if the AAT application is made outside the applicable time limit your AAT application will be ruled invalid.

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