Bridging Visa B Application (Travel Rights)

Bridging visa holders who wants to travel overseas in this festive/holiday season must note that only Bridging Visa B has the travel rights and no other bridging visa gives you entitlement to travel overseas.

Bridging Visa A holders who wants to travel overseas during this festive and holiday season are being urged to apply for Bridging Visa B up to 3-4 weeks before travel, after the Department of Immigration recently confirmed that it will no longer accept face-to-face applications at its offices.

All Bridging Visa B (BVB) applications must be applied online through IMMI Account (only if eligible) or posted to the nearest Department office or the team looking after applicants’ substantive visa applications.

Further, BVB fee of $145 (single fee per family) must be paid via IMMI Account (Manage Payments) and receipt number and a copy of receipt provided in the paper application (Form 1006, certified passports and copy of travel tickets).

According to a statement issued by the Department of Home Affairs, it is in the process of “transforming its online channel” to a self-serve model for the majority of its’ services.

If you are a holder of Bridging Visa C,D or E then you cannot (by law with no exception) apply for Bridging Visa B to travel overseas.

If urgent travel is required whilst holding Bridging Visa C, D or E, you may travel overseas but in order to re-enter Australia, you need to apply and be granted another substantive visa (e.g. visitor visa).

However, be mindful of PIC4013 and/or PIC4014 if you are a holder of Bridging Visa C, D or E.

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