Telephone Call SCAM Alert

We have been made aware of a wave of scam phone calls currently taking place targeting vulnerable temporary visa holders. The people making these phone calls are impersonating officers from the immigration department or other government organisations. The most common fake number used is 02 6261 1111.

The caller will usually insist that a fine be paid immediately as a penalty for an alleged error committed by the intended victim. We can confirm that the Immigration Department will never ask for payment of fines or penalties by telephone nor give any threats on the telephone for the deportation.

A common approach has seen visa holders receiving a phone call from an individual posing as an immigration official. The caller has the visa holder's passport and date of birth, and claims that the date of birth recorded is incorrect and needs to be updated for a cost. The caller claims that the visa holder will be deported if they don't make this payment.

Be aware this is a scam. If you receive a call of this nature, we advise that you hang up immediately and report the call to police in your state or territory, and to the Department using the dedicated reporting service.

For further information, please contact Wickham Lawyers at 07 3831 9025.

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